Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shed? What shed?

Once you have the taste for it there is no going back.


I'm sure that's the only reason Mr Crazy House takes on some of our jobs. Once something is pulled down "you can stop now!" can you?
This old carport was so rotten the posts had sunk 200mm into the ground and had rotted off so that the old sheets of iron were the only thing holding it up.

Inspite of looking like you could blow it over with one puff, it actually took a bit of grunt on behalf of Mr CH to flatten it.

Once we had cut back the grape vine and removed plenty of wood off-cuts, two old ceramic lampshades and one old wooden door from inside it was time to hack off all the old tin and hope it didn't fall on us (well, Mr CH , someone had to take a photo and that be me)

Don't kids just love the thrill of a crash, but how about a hand to load up the "Volda"?

After sooo long of looking at that eyesore we're glad to be rid of it.


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