Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shed? What shed?

Once you have the taste for it there is no going back.


I'm sure that's the only reason Mr Crazy House takes on some of our jobs. Once something is pulled down "you can stop now!" can you?
This old carport was so rotten the posts had sunk 200mm into the ground and had rotted off so that the old sheets of iron were the only thing holding it up.

Inspite of looking like you could blow it over with one puff, it actually took a bit of grunt on behalf of Mr CH to flatten it.

Once we had cut back the grape vine and removed plenty of wood off-cuts, two old ceramic lampshades and one old wooden door from inside it was time to hack off all the old tin and hope it didn't fall on us (well, Mr CH , someone had to take a photo and that be me)

Don't kids just love the thrill of a crash, but how about a hand to load up the "Volda"?

After sooo long of looking at that eyesore we're glad to be rid of it.


taking a peek at a pretty garden

The Australian Open Garden Scheme invites gardeners across Australia to open their gardens to the viewing public for one weekend a year. An entrance fee raises money for local community groups and garden lovers get to see interesting gardens. A guide describing each garden is available to buy, and the appeal of this scheme is that the gardens featured include small courtyard gardens through to grand homestead gardens on many acres each having it's own style.

We have never been to one of these gardens and when I read about one particular garden I thought, I want to see this one. The owners prefer the old-fashioned plants, the kind planted in Queensland gardens at the turn of the century. And they lived in an old "Queenslander"on a 1/4 acre block.

While I love to garden and had been looking forward to visiting this garden for a few weeks, it absolutely poured rain the day before. I mean POURED, we had 70mm of rain in 72hrs and it has been one of the wettest months for years.

Well we took umbrellas and hoped for the best.

The owners collect old-fashioned roses, china and tea, and have two main rose gardens front and back. This is my kind of garden, not too manicured, slightly wild in areas with lovely little features here and there.

The front rose garden is protected from strong winds by high hedges and you could imagine on a sunny day would be a lovely spot to enjoy the fresh air.

Arbours supporting rambling roses in the front roses garden.

Who brought HIM!!!!

Lots of beautiful abutilons in every colour.

The lady owner creates her own garden sculptures modelled on their children and pets, and her husband collects the roses.

Would have been a nice picture STRAIGHT! Can you tell I'm photoshop illiterate.

Where is Mr CH?

Still pretty in the rain.

Would love one of these. Lots of plants were named but not this one.

Overheard lots of delighted comments about this lovely little spot overhung by fragrant weigela.

I think we need lots of rocks Mr CH.

Being a happy homebody, I have never seen Echium- pride of maderia growing before. The flowerheads are huge and very eye-catching.

The "cocktail" hippeastrums hadn't been damaged by rain.

Someone wearing original stone-wash jeans. lol.

I loved the beautiful pink flowering abutilon. I was disappointed not to see the Brunfelsia americana in flower cos I want one for my garden. The azaleas had finished flowering but I imagine they would make a spectacular sight in winter/ autumn.

The rainforest bit was interesting with the orchids in the trees flowering beautifully, the clivias were in full flower and had many people admiring them, hence no pictures (I like to sneak my photos)

The vintage cars in their own carport were a nice addition to this garden.
1939 Ford Prefect,
1951 Jaguar MK 7,
1955 Ford Popular Utility + one other I can't remember.
Loved having a stickybeak at this garden with old-fashioned plants and the roses-beautiful!
I'm all inspired, now I have some digging to do!

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