Friday, December 31, 2010

The Plan.

Ok, back to the reno cottage.

Things are moving along well, and these photos are retrospective thank goodness, everything possible has long gone to the dump, including these disgusting cupboards from the kitchen! Yuk!

The linen cupboard has been removed to give the kitchen as much extra space as possible.

A fridge will need to go here as there is no where else.

The floor tiles have been carefully prised-off with the aid of turps. I didn't know this until recently, but even lino flooring can contain asbestos. We were uncertain if this was true in our case so precautions were taken just in case. That was one sticky disgusting job!

The kitchen walls have been a patchy mix of old fibro, painted over laminate, masonite and new fibro. The idea is to leave the old fibro in place as it is still intact.Thus saving extra expense.

The kitchen was orginally accessed through the dining room which was also the backdoor onto the open veranda. An opening for the stove between the dining room and kitchen has also been closed over with recycled boards.

The Plan

As you can see it's only a tiny cottage. We have decided to move the bedrooms to the other side of the house. Mainly to get living spaces (and T.V noise) away from our bedroom side and also the north facing side will let more light and breezes into the lounge/dining spaces and hopefully make the space nicer and appear larger than it is.

The idea is to enlarge the doorway between the new lounge/dinning area and add basic fretwork and a picture rail in the first room to visually lower the ceiling. We are going to move the doorway into the kitchen to enter from the new living room. The kitchen needs more bench space. We have also thought about adding a wall and door to one end of the veranda at the front to create a study or small third bedroom.

The aim is to retain a Queensland cottage feel and give this poor old girl some colour after being dirty cream and white for so long, but while remembering that it will be a rental property for a while at least.

At the moment it's one day at a time ,so we'll see how we go.
Until next time S

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I can't stand the rain!

I can't remember the song or who sung it, but I just can't get that annoying line out of my head.
It must be a lack of vitamin D.
So much for "beautiful one day, perfect the next". We Queenslanders aren't supposed to live without sunshine, it's just not normal! Is anyone else feeling ripped-off?
Life in the Crazy House is starting to get a little depressing. Mr CH is watching the cricket in a kind of dull stupor, the scooter boys can't scoot and have taken up indoor wrestling, the terrible teens have had enough of family get-togethers and gone for sleep-overs. Sandpaper is too damp to do it's job and mould is growing on the ceiling of the reno cottage,Yuk!
My walk-through laundry is looking like a shanty-town with "do not tumble dry"clothing hung from every available hanger. All undercover clotheslines are full because even in this wet weather I just can't bring myself to put wet clothing straight in the dryer (the kids eat enough electricity for all of us).
And outside is so soggy that the dog has discovered the veranda (above my car)makes a perfectly dry potty!
Ok, that's enough whinging!

So,we've just had our wettest December in 150 years, at least we haven't had earthquakes like New Zealand. Hope everyone there is ok.
Queensland has had 600mm+ in December on top of 550+ mm in the last 3 months, this time last year we were on water restrictions,crazy.
So a drive to a dam to see what all the fuss was about might waste some time.

I'm such a good girl in the car.

Pouring rain and bare-footed squelching.

Awe inspiring power of water
overflowing the dam walls.

The boys were quite speechless (it didn't last).

It seemed as other people had the same idea with cars coming to see the sight.
The BBQ area was deserted, and the boys said "pity we didn't have sauseages".Now the both the kids and the dog smell like a wet blanket! If it doesn't fine up soon, we will grow ducky feet!
Stay dry if you can.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A game of tag - what's to know?

I'm It!!

I've been tagged by Our noosa beach house

How do I play when I'm computer illiterate? I mean really computer illiterate!!!

I now have to learn how to link (yes, how pathetic).

Sink or swim!

What is the one thing you can't stand?

Well I was going to say "tailgaters" because I'm such a square, I kinda like speed limits they keep most of us sensible, but I what I really can't stand at the moment are beautiful blogs! They're everywhere, so many funny, happy, beautiful blogs, how can a girl ever get any work done when there is so much eye-candy out there in Blogland?

If you could go back to your childhood which cartoon character or TV show would be your favourite?
Too many to pick just one.
We only had two TV channels growing up, yes two( how deprived), so favourites included Na Na Na-The Banana Splits, Battle of the planets, Starblazers, The Goodies, Doctor Who, Night Rider and Mr Crazy House's favourite was Miami Vice.

What is something you do or have done that would surprise a lot of people?

Attempting to DIY renovate a second house before finishing the first house, more crazy than surprising. And my children get me addicted to their games, I am a former addict of Chuzzels, Noah's Ark, Funky fishing and now electronic Yatzee! Thank goodness I don't know how to turn on the Wii or bowling might be next!

Do you believe in ghosts?
No I dont.

When you go to the store what's the one thing you can't stop yourself from buying more than one of?

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, being female and all, but I don't suffer from this problem.I don't like shopping esp.for clothes and shoes.

What is the funniest story you have about your significant other?

I blogged about this one, Mr Crazy House is usually so sensible.
It wasn't funny for him or at the time, but having to ring his work and say he had broken his ankle while taking a day off work for a fat lip was pretty embarrassing.

What is your proudest moment of being a parent?

I guess I can answer this because it's only the start of the school holidays.

Being a parent is full of lots of little moments, but seeing my children learn how to wash-up properly (without me having to re-wash in secret) can almost make me cry with joy (or is that relief!) That rates pretty high on the list.

If you could go back and relive one day in your life what would it be.

Probably the day my better half asked me to marry him. I wasn't paying attention and said "What?" and the poor guy had to ask twice. If he had of known what he was getting into, he might have run a mile. Too late, I've got him now!

Now I would like to tag Fun and Vjs


Bayside Rose

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy thrifty/vintage finds for 2010.

After a 2009 spent settling back into our home in a larger town and dealing with the trials of our children changing schools and making new friends and finding old ones, Mr Crazy House breaking his ankle in the middle of tiling the downstairs floors and the ensuing months of recovery.
For me 2010 was a year for indulging in the thrill of access to op-shops again after three years in exile. The thought of finding something interesting for next-to-nothing (and sometimes not) must be part of the appeal, that and the habbit of giving different pieces of furniture a "mental" makeover. Anyway, I thought I would share some pics of pre-loved things that came to live with us this year.
Last week I found these lovely botanical prints in my favorite op-shop for $3 each, they are quite large at 40x50cms. I quite like the pinkness. Was I right to have left another two matching prints with orange hibicus flowers behind? That would have been 4 pictures for $12,bargain.

Artist -Peter Longhurst 1972/73

I love this pretty picture of Swan Lake from the 60's I think.

This little bowl I found at a collectible fair - cloisonne style made of brass and enamel.

I like this swan bowl(planter)

A Johnson and bros. plate, little cream jug and vintage salt and pepper shakers for $4.50 from an op-shop.

I bought this oil painting for the lovely old frame. Once again I left a matching painting by the same artist behind.

This is one of my favorites, the tag said it was an old resturant table lamp from the 1930's/40's. found in my favorite op-shop. It probably goes with nothing in my house but I'm keepin' it! So Gone with the Wind style.

Another swan to keep the others company and a cute trinket box $1.50 for both. I can just hear Mr CH "dust collectors".

A rose candleholder from the 50's/60's.

This picture I bought for the frame and I don't know why because it's nothing special. I didn't take a photo before I painted it black so this is what it kinda looked like peach with a wrapping paper picture cut to fit.

But underneath I found an old photo of a German town -Tubingen vom Oesterberg by a fellow named L.Schaller. So I tried to find out something about the man or the town. Ludwig Schaller seems to have been a photographer of German landscapes and architecture about a 100 years ago and thats about all I know.

If you notice the land in the right corner of the picture has no buildings and modern pictures of this same town from this same vantage point have this same area completely filled with buildings now. I guess this confirms the photo was taken many years ago.
Mr CH really liked the picture and joked with #2 and #3 sons that Mum found a rare $5000 photo, so the kids began naming all the things they would buy with $5000 lol, out of the mouths of babes.

A family can never have enough coathangers-$2 for 5 and if you're lucky you might get a funky woven plastic one from the 1960's.

I bought this little veneer table for #3 son's bedside table, just small enough it can't hold too much junk!

A few vintage rose tins to remind all the males in this house that girls live here too!

Well I like it!
I don't think anyone else likes their smalls on show for all the world to see.Vintage washing basket for the bathroom's endless pile of washing,1970's maybe?

And you've seen these before, another vintage rose tin, a plaster ship to match one I have that belonged to my Nan and an enamel candelholder in pink!

and another distressed cupboard to match it's distressed owner, no only joking.

Looking back at all these new/old goodies (and there were a few more) I can't believe they are all from this year. I am one blessed girl. I hope everyone has gotten as much pleasure from their new/old goodies as I have.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Can I take you home vintage Vanguard?

What do you do when you have no internet access for a WEEK!!!

No, it isn't fatal but any longer could have been.

Stuck in a cabin in a little country town, I spent days looking and sorting through thousands of photos stored on external hard-drives (yes,a naughty way to store too many, I know).

I found some photos I liked of two old cars that were near the house we had to live in for Mr Crazy House's work.

Down a dirt track on a misty morning while the kids were still asleep, we would sometimes go, with the camera looking for something to photograph. There are more opportunities in the country to take the "rusty" photos I love. So I was happy to find these old wrecks.

A vintage Vanguard car and Vanguard ute.

Just stitting in a paddock all alone.

Almost hidden in the mist.

The Vanguard was produced by the Standard Motor Company in Coventry UK.

A vintage dashboard, no cruise-control, just cruising.

A Vanguard Phase I.
I think, produced from 1947 to 1953, their export focus was Australia after the World WarII.
The ute production ceased in 1964.

A hint of green.

And to think you would have looked like this once.

photo- Wikipedia

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Once upon a time...

...there was a family that was terrorized by a fire-breathing dragon, so they left for a distant kingdom where the land was hostile and the water strange. For three years they lived in this land of hot and cold, with dust and flies. The children made friends and lived (some-what) happily.

Until the neighbouring landholders of the fire-breathing dragon defeated it (and sent it packing), the family could now return to their castle.
But their gallant son was required to accompany a fair maiden to the ball.

So he took his mother back to this hostile land for five days. The son drove the carriage and they braved the hazardous journey for four and one half hours.

The maiden was fair and her dress beautiful, the son was handsom and dressed to please.
(inspite of sunburn from water-skiing)

The handsom son whisked the fair maiden away to the ball for a night of feasting and dancing.

While his mother waited patiently in her gilded cage(in the rain) for the day she could return to own kingdom and her one true love. She took solace in the company of Meryl, Alec and Steve and Orlando and Johnny(and a few kangaroos).

She also visited a strange woman in an old shop with misty windows and rickety steps to brave the cobwebs and layers of red dust. Here she searched amongst the old wares and dug through boxes to find treasures to take back to her castle.

If her carriage wasn't already full she would have greedily taken more.

Eventually she could return, where her one true love showered her with kisses (and a sink of dirty dishes) and they lived happily ever after.


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