Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What a dump!

Poor little ugly ducking. Now that the computers are up and running again I can show progress on the reno cottage from the Easter holidays. We've been working on the inside but problems with the ceiling in the bathroom and kitchen has tested patience and we've left it for the moment to continue work started on the outside walls (south side).

A real before shot.

Peeling paint has been scraped back on and off for a few weeks and the old window hoods have been removed. We were going to repair them, however they would take a fair amount of cut and pasting and we figured it would be better to make new awnings instead.

The new veranda sill for the windows to sit on, had to be replaced as it was too far gone.

A few new treated pine weatherboards replaced rotten boards near the stumps.

The walls were sanded and sugar soaped and washed clean
and undercoated with oil-based undercoat. The walls had been neglected for so long the timber had dried out so it needed heavy duty protection. It's getting harder to by oil-based paint with many hardwares not even stocking it anymore thanks to the EPI. Walls with bare timber exposed should use oil-based paint to seal the kooties in otherwise you get stains coming through.

Girl in the baggy britchers painted the wall by hand with an extra dose in the dry spots.
After looking at a dirty, mouldy wall for 10 years there was no way the outside walls were going to be painted white. So after casing other house colours during drive-bys for months and finding most were quite dull and monotone we chose "Neptune" green for the walls to go with "Ox blood"(Qld colour of course) for the trims and vivid white for the windows and doors(nippon paints-Solareflect). The idea was to pick a colour that was old-fashioned yet clean and cheerful after the house looking revolting for so long and the deep burgundy to hide dirt and such. Keeping it simple.

Mr CH has a love/hate relationship with our spraygun which requires a test before you get too excited.

It's working, he's happy.

Poor little ugly house, waiting so long.


Looking much better.
After all that I haven't taken a full wall shot yet. Not bad for a few days painting. I will get back to the inside next post.

Bye until then.


  1. Just letting you know that I have passed the Versatile Blogger award onto you.
    Beth x

  2. Wow, very cool idea and definitely creative... Adding your feed now. Thanks! Treated Pine Posts


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