Friday, April 29, 2011

Inside "THE SHED"!!!!

It seems my Gypsy Sister has discovered my blog (well there goes the neighbourhood!) and thinks it would be a great way for relatives to catch up on the goings on!


I have managed to keep it friend/relative free so far, because you never know, I may just want to talk about them. So sister, I may just have to bring out the big guns (this should change your mind) you wouldn't want the rellies to see inside -THE SHED!!!!

But before I show and tell, I'll show you the pretty flowers from my Mum's garden. From all the potted chrysanthemums I've given my Mum for Mother's Day over the years these are the only kind to have survived.

Growing well around an elderberry tree.

OK, this is in THE SHED.One of three on their farm.

A temporary abode for my parents while they decided what and where on their property they would build their new home. It has become a store (junk) house for things most normal people would get rid of.
Wardrobes, suitcases, clocks, frames,books, tools etc all covered by a not so thin layer of dust. How is it my Mum kept baby things and threw away my perfectly good '80's walkman?

My mum's childhood piano (which needs a tune but no-one can move it)

An antique velvet-lined tea chest from England.

A few tins and a silver inkpot with a glass bottle inside. I wonder what "special nosegay" was?

A housekeeping budget tin from England.

Not something I would've kept.Mementos from a well travelled family.

Baby things and furniture waiting for a make-over.( a scary suitcase)

One of two vintage steel cots this one wound with strips of cream coloured plastic.

My Nanna's kitchen cabinet holding a couple of retro cup and plate sets, old milk bottles with foil lids, baby bottles, jugs, salt and peppers etc. A couple of hundred year old silver trophies from my Dad's family sitting on top.

Vintage spice canisters.

Nanna's teapots and enamel cooking dishes.

Her old set of cutlery, which I remember her polishing.

Some weird pot planters from the family nursery in England, bought by Mum and Dad in 1973!

I'd have this pot stand.

One of two dressing tables.

I was told this will only get finished if I do it.

Octagonal table that I would have left orange!

An old bike we had as kids. It's now lost a pedal and a rubber tyre ring.

The kids got their ANZAC education and a thrill holding a cannon? shell, my Grandfather brought back from the war and they had a look at his first-aid bag from 1942.

The kids also tried to call for help a la aliens in the attic style. And decided they wouldn't want to be in a hurry!

So Gypsy Sister, would you want the relatives/friends to see the skeletons in the closet?
Just think, this is our inheritance!
So, did I come home empty-handed - NEVER!!!!!
I might show next time until then - see ya.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodbye curb-side clean-up.

This is my one and only curbside find (if you don't count the two windows from our neighbours permanent "free" pile).

So just when I've decided that if I'm caught by car headlights carting a couch, table etc. down the street that I can handle the mortification of feeling like a thief, our local council (in their infinite wisdom) have decided not to spend the $1000 000 cost picking up rubbish for people who "should be accountable for their own waste". How un -Australian. Many would argue that one man's trash is another man's treasure. We have used this service once - recently (and sorry to the poor person who had to handle the old toilet from the reno cottage next-door). We were woken up one night by someone scavenging the metal pipes in our pile and listened to them driving across town in the stillness of the night. The blogging world is proof of the thriftiness of re-using perfectly ( and not so) good items again.

Imagine the look on Mr CH's face when I said I wanted this!

Sitting in the rain it's chipboard top fell apart easily. I thought it might make a suitable hall table, something not too precious(new) that I could give a coat of bright paint, but it was bigger than I expected - which was why I needed Mr CH.

Surprisingly sturdy it was a tiny desk with a missing drawer, so the support was pulled off and nailed on one side to even it up and I sanded it all over. Mr CH used some vj boards from the house next-door for the new top and I puttied and sanded the nail holes.

Haven't decided yet if I will give it a clear coat or paint it.

So would you have picked it up?

A second chance...

Amazing love.. how can it be

that you my King should die for me?


Happy Easter everyone and
enjoy the holiday.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Rattus by any other name...

While everyone else is showing lovely interior shots, beautiful cushions, flowers and the like I thought I would show you these um, "inspiring" pics.

What's that saying - renovation is not for the faint-hearted! These are a few pics to show how slowly the renovation process is. Mr CH began this part of the reno cottage months and months ago and due to the inordinate amount of rain/flooding we have experienced lately, it became one of those jobs left, but always on your mind and has only recently been finished (sort of).

A leaking gutter and drain has, over time caused wood rot in a number of weatherboards. When the house was re-stumped at some stage, the people put the new stumps too far out from the wall edge, which has allowed rain to sit on top of the stump cap and soak into the wood - causing the rot. Mr CH will run a bead of silicon along the edges to hopefully prevent water from soaking in. One of those regular maintainence checks.

Mr CH decided to cut and patch the rotten boards with some boards kept from our old house renovations and some new treated pine ones.

Leaking gutter above this point has caused this (below).

Looks worse than it is. All fixable says Mr CH. These posts have enough good wood on the other side to do the job. They have been cleaned out and pumped with a bit of wood hardener ( glorified pva glue) and will be braced on the other side with metal brackets. Some wedges have been hammered under to elevate the beam slightly as well.

Looking good! The new patchwork wall with the new treated pine weatherboards on the bottom row to help prevent rot. A new veranda ledge has been added on top as well as the old one was too far gone.

Mr CH missed one thing while putting those new boards on.

It took a bit of effort but I wasn't going to leave it there!

One petrified rattus which I pulled in half trying to remove ( I've already eaten my breakfast).

Look at those teeth!

Should I mention (domestic) rats make wonderful pets.They are so affectionate and good fun for kids. Our darling rats Oscar and Otis (RIP) of the dove-hooded-down-under type. We got three years of love from them and would happily have more if we didn't have a dog now.

Can you tell they're boys?

Hope everyone has a fun weekend, the rain is trying to clear up.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Renovation cottage - new walls...

for the kitchen and bathroom of the reno cottage at least. We have decided to use pine VJ lining boards this time around. When we (Mr CH) built an extension to our house we used tongue and groove VJ MDF sheets specially ordered for our 11 ft ceilings and perfect for the impatient renovator but after a bad experience with a leaking window which swelled the wall, we thought it might not be good for wet areas. We're using the boards on the small groove side.

The bath is finally in place after going in and out for various fittings. Mr CH has been a busy boy cutting and nailing boards up.


In true Mr CH style we don't finish one room before we start another.

Boards nailed over existing fibro in kitchen.

Those little rollers are perfect for quick painting in a doorway everyone keeps walking through.

Kitchen nook boarded and yes I am enjoying using two clotheslines despite the precarious lean on this one.

The soon to be boarded-up doorway to kitchen.

Don't my windows look so excellent and they've only taken a few months to finish. I haven't got a clear before photo to show for comparison but they were truly disgusting and we still have not so fond memories of looking down from our bathroom at the dead mouse hanging in the net curtain as we cleaned our teeth every morning for months.

We moved the bathroom window to the kitchen because one window was too far gone to repair properly. And the bathroom will get a bubble glass window that was removed from our old kitchen.

Bathroom almost finished.

One list and a trip to the hardware shop and we came home a little lighter -$800 lighter in fact.

Mmmm with $800 I could have bought.... something more fun than these.

Apparently Mr CH is going to tile the bathroom walls - himself!

Which he's never done before.

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