Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY floor sanding.

We hired a "drum sander" and an "edge sander" from the hire shop on the Friday afternoon thinking we would sand the kitchen floor of the Reno Cottage. However Mr CH came home and said the hire shop don't hire for halfdays anymore. So he hired the sanders for Saturday and you get Sunday free. I guess in some areas you can't make noises on Sundays. As our neighbourhood is full of DIY'ers (code for :can't afford builders) and there is often something noisy happening, we sanded for a few hours on the Sunday. One neighbour popped in to see how it was going and said he'd like to go halves with us next time to cut costs if we liked, as he wanted to sand a room.

I don't know what we were doing here, as we did wear masks and those little squishy earplugs as the drum sander is quite loud. The kitchen floor was in pretty bad condition with some residue from the tiles and some water damage, so we knew it would need a heavy-duty sand. This is our second time using a drum sander and it does get easier with each go. You just have to start with coarse grit on the first pass (which is the slowest,most time consuming pass) and finish with fine grit sandpaper. We like to finish with the orbital sander and then give the floor a light mopping to make sure no "ripples" are missed.

We didn't punch any nails in, to start with, preferring to sand down the rusty tops to be punched in later.

The floorboards are mixed hardwood throughout, and once the grime has been sanded off the colours start to show.

Sanding already flat floorboards was easier than when Mr CH sanded tongue and groove floorboards (which he installed himself)for our own house extention. There he had to sand them to the same level as some boards were planed slightly thicker.

Mr CH using the edge sander near the bathroom door.

I had to have a go to see if I could do it!

The edge sander has a spinning disk unlike the orbital sander that just vibrates, and I found I had to hold on tight or it would pull away. Can't say I liked using it, it was a bit scary. Sanded well though.

We (Mr CH) sanded the kitchen, dining and sanded the edges on Saturday. Then we finished sanding the 2nd bedroom and edges on the Sunday and were finished by lunchtime, giving us plenty of time to de-dust the machines and load them in the car for me to drop them back Monday morning.

In the dining room you may notice dark stains on the floor. We are not quite sure if these are from termite spray under the boards or (more likely) from mopping water seeping through joins in old lino flooring.

The sander removed some but not all the stains so it will be interesting to see how the floor turns out after polishing.

Corner of dining room.

We think sanding the floor has also helped eliminate alot of the smell especially in the kitchen. Now you don't gag everytime you walk in.

One and a half days hard work (sore shoulders and stiff back for a few days).

Children neglected.

Hire of sanders - $175.

Saving - hundreds of $

Man caught using a broom - so worth it!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Random shots of random things.

A very random post of nothing in particular.

At the moment I am enjoying how bright the rooms are. In winter the sunlight is reflected off the neighbouring houses and the fretwork above the doorways leaves patterns on the walls. A while ago we removed a piece of furniture from under this shelf and looking at this pic makes me wonder if it is too sparse now. I did want a small bookshelf underneath but with no breakables.

Hard to believe these flowers are from the one bush.A random pic of graffiti, some are very clever, much better than mindless tagging. This was only there for a few weeks before it was painted over with lettering so I'm glad I took a pic when I did.Does anyone have one scene that they photograph while practicing composition and techniques? For me it would be this church down the road which I can see as I sit on the veranda. Unfortunately powerlines, aircon pumps,buildings etc more than get in the way. I'm yet to learn photoshop to remove things like that, I am just trying to get photos that aren't blurred.

Rainbow lorikeet enjoying the Fairhill Gold (xanthostemon chrysanthus) in the garden.

The "grown-up's" lounge is looking a little crowded these days.

Mr CH has made himself a prototype cigarbox guitar after he saw them played on Gordon Street Tonight a month or so ago. He watched a few youtube videos and salvaged a pickup from one of those children's books with the sound button and it works so well. So there are lovely blues sounds in the house in the evenings.

Plenty of this in our house at the moment.

In front of this.

Best addition we made to our house shortly after moving in. We are enjoying a cozy little cottage at the moment sitting mesmerised and sometimes enjoying a gooey toasted marshmellow or ten.
Stay warm.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Awnings before and after.

Most old Queenslander style homes have either hoods or slatted awnings. The original pre-fabricated tin hoods came in double or single sizes. The old hoods on the Reno cottage are a bit far gone and while they are fixable Mr CH doesn't want to spend a lot of time cutting and repairing new frills on the rusted hoods. It's quicker to make new awnings. I quite like the old hoods and wished they hadn't been so neglected.

We have decided to give the Reno cottage slatted awnings because we have made them before. As you can see there is plenty of variety out there because they were usually made by the home owners themselves.

Thin slats.

Thick slats.

Curved slats.

No awnings.

Modern awnings.

Slats ready to be assembled.

Dad gave us some roofing off-cuts from a building site he was visiting (with permission). They were in the skip and heading for the dump and there was liquid nails or something spilt on some pieces. There are probably enough pieces for the five awnings and hopefully the front awnings.

Free roofing iron.

Mr CH filing the rough edges.

Big enough so windows can be left open in the rain and to protect the sills from rot.

Lets just say installing awnings is no walk in the park.

After(almost) Before
Enjoy the weekend we are on school holidays.

Oops, I had to add that the flashing still needs to be added above the awnings and that the fascia will be painted white or oxblood.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Painting and cutting a new entrance.

Now that the kitchen walls have been painted it's time to spray the ceiling. The walls have been taped off with drop sheets and masking tape because if you are spraying paint you work walls first, then ceiling.

The ceiling peels have been skimcoated and lightly sanded-again!

And the bathroom ceiling is getting it's coat of white as well.

Mr CH is smiling because he hasn't started yet. Maybe we should give our spray-gun a name. It might be more co-operative if it wasn't called "you stinking mongrel".

This pic below reminded us of the time when we were painting our hallway. It was winter and we had plastic sheeting and a blanket hanging in our front doorway (before we had opened out the veranda again), and in the evening there was a knock at the door by some scared youths wanting to use our phone. They wanted to call the police because a man had chased them around the block and they had lost one of their mates and they thought the man had got him! They must have wondered what sort of crazy neighbourhood was this as they had to duck under ladders and through plastic sheeting into some strangers house after getting a scare, lol.

One of a number of strange tales for us that was cured by the installation of a six foot fence.

Anyway back to the renovations. While the paint is drying Mr CH was eager to cut a hole in the wall. If you remember in The Plan we were going to change the pathway from the front door to the kitchen which means cutting an opening in the wall between the two former bedrooms.

This wall.

With it's lovely patch at the bottom. Sticky tape with gap filler on top. How not to patch a wall.
The only problem the other side of the wall looks like this!

Where did all this stuff come from?( can you tell we don't have a shed, poor Mr CH)

Red, white and blue eyes.

Mr CH measuring where to cut.
Nice legs.

Cutting through the beam to be used again at the top.
To remind me never, EVER dress for comfort! I look pregnant! And dirty! And more like a boy!
(note to self- hide camera from Mr CH if stuck in one spot)

New opening between what will be lounge and dining rooms.
Dividing walls in old Queensland houses go through the floors for extra bracing, so this gap will be patched with a piece of flooring scrap from our house.
Looking pretty chuffed with himself.

Next post I might show some awnings for the outside windows.

Now I need to get out in the sun to thaw out!

See ya.

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