Thursday, March 22, 2012

$10 bought me...

..well it was $10.10c, a hand stitched hankie and some stripy cotton sheets for no.3 son's bed, still new enough to be scratchy. He was with me and I asked if he liked them and he said "But they're USED!", not my kid!! 

Two crocheted cloths (until I make the time to learn how, I'm very happy to pay a few cents for someone's handywork)

 Some vintage children's coathangers, 3 old (70's) 2 newer.

 A bo-bo pillowcase and my favorite vintage coathangers 50c each from two different opshops.

 Two pillowcases to use, boys are tough on pillowcases.

 Is that enough pics of the same things?
So is everyone enjoying the rain? It has hardly stopped raining since my last post, here's a few pics from the last three months, though we've stopping taking pics, it's become a case of same old - same old, and even the kids aren't interested unless it means a day off school.
It took Mr CH an hour to get home from work the other evening as he was diverted twice because the roads were cut. We've sprung a few leaks under the house, the ground is so wet it can't hold anymore rain and we've had a river flowing across the pavers, the drains can't cope.

 Sorry for the blurry pic.
 I wonder who gets the job to come out in the rain to pull the pins and let down the sides on the pedestrian bridges?
  These pics were taken before everything went under the next day.

 All this grass was under water.

There hasn't been a day in the past few weeks without mud between our toes! 

..and we have to go out in the rain to vote tomorrow, aawhhh do we have to?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Reno Cottage bed1 - green.

Bed 1 at the Reno Cottage is going green. Inspired by the pretty bedrooms below, we have chosen the chalky green White Clover by Taubmans (Endure). I'm a big fan of blues and greens for serene bedrooms, though that said, in our house we have two blue bedrooms (different), one green, one lemon and one purple (eek!).

Image - Country Homes and Interiors.

Image - Country Living.

Mr CH has finished spacking the ceiling with the acrylic gap filler so the soot and dirt doesn't drop through.
 Before - undercoated
 We had our paint colour mixed up in Breeze which is the Berger Paints budget tin - $55 for 6 litres, which is enough to do two coats for this size room.
 It's tough wearing glasses! Foggy.
  A chalkier colour than the candy colours we usually use, thought we better go conservative as it's for someone else. I remember being so sick of all the cream coloured rentals before we bought our place, I couldn't wait to go crazy with colour. 
 First coat finished.
 Second coat half wet, half dry.
 The spraygun played-up a bit while painting this room, threw out a few chunks in a few places. Think it's getting old. Seemed to flatten with the second coat.
Finished walls at least!

We've had around 500mms of rain so far this year and still raining, so what hasn't drowned isn't flowering and I'm having to pick from the shrubs, these pretties from this morning Brazilian cape plant (pink), Pachystachys lutea (yellow) and cat's whiskers (white)
 ...and while I'm in the bathroom, do you like my shower curtain hangers, I'm trying to pretend winter isn't just around the corner!

Hope you have a lovely week, I've got to go and make some food for No.3 son's Harmony Day party. Now what should I make for Irish/German, English/German heritage!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Reno Cottage bits and vintage finds.

When every surface in the Reno Cottage needs three coats of paint, there is always an open tin. So while I'm painting Mr CH is doing the fix-ups. Like adding a door jamb to the former hall opening. Which is going to be an adjoining door between the two bedrooms (handy if you have a baby,and an extra fire escape for a wooden house) The door will be painted the wall colour so if you choose to keep it closed it will look (hopefully) like part of the wall.

I haven't shown much of the fiddly jobs like the window painting, which have been taken outside and sanded, re-puttied, bogged if needed, re-glued, clamped etc.
What they look like before painting.

 After - the other side finished.
We bought some routed blocks for the opening between the lounge/dining. As this is a tiny, plain little cottage, the aim is to add a few bits of decorative trim both inside and out to make it a little less plain, but not over the top. It is what it is - a Workers Cottage.  In our lounge room we have curtain rod holders (quite ugly mind you) that were obviously handmade for the purpose, probably by the first owner which is what you did in those days when you didn't have access to or didn't have the money to spend, you made your own extras.
These were $11 each!!!

Painting mouldings, door/under window trims, skirting boards and bits for the opening between the lounge/dining. I don't mind this job. We like to paint the two top coats then attach the boards to the walls, fill the nail holes and touch-up paint.It's the easiest way.

 I forgot to show this last time (I think), the lounge ceiling where we removed the wall.

 Because many old Queenslanders were built with pitched roofs to the outside walls, most internal walls can be removed without disrupting the intergrity of the structure (ha, sounds like I actually know what that means). You may encounter this problem, depending on the lengths of wood used in the ceiling, you may be left with a gap to cover, which for us is unsightly but not the end of the world!
 In our house a former owner had moved one whole wall in the lounge room to turn a double bedroom into the bathroom (when plumbing came indoors in the late 1960's) they did a pretty good job (we have the full length boards) and unless you knew what to look for, you couldn't tell. I sometimes sit and think how small our lounge room would have been. We also have a boarded-up doorway in one spot as well. Proof of how a home undergoes many changes in a hundred+ years.
  A bit of white-ant damage, but still very strong.

Anyway Mr CH used a piece of timber pulled from under a window to cut and fill the cornicing. Being imperial measurements and all.

View from bed 1 to kitchen/bathroom.
I'll be back to show bed 1 painted next time.
Always a Lily-cat hanging around.

Just a few pretties to come live at The Crazy House lately. I forget what these flowers were called, Crystal lite or luxe or something? 1960/70's. My Aunty had/has a bigger bunch and I thought they were pretty as a child.

A rosey vase to almost match the candle holder from the oppy.

A few flowery things, the tins are for Mr CH, he's working on a few projects. Though I think I might have to swap something for the red tin, I like that one. A crochet doiley for 50c and an ugly swan.

And a blue enamel teapot, because I don't have a blue one. But it's kinda spoit my arrangement, things don't look good in even numbers. Something will have to move.
Well, that's all until next time, it's been pouring rain here. I don't think we can claim the "Sunshine State" title so far this year. A bit over it here!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend  though.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


The vote is unanimous - Monday should be the last day of the weekend!
 This seemed to be the case in the Crazy House this morning. Mr CH groaned and moaned about going to work, he's been suffering the effects of a head cold for a week now and had two separate days off work last week, and is still psycho analysing which person from work gave him the bug. He can't sleep if he has a blocked nose, so the house is littered with packets of strepsils, vapour drops, decongestants and empty tissue boxes and he's been warned to keep his kooties to himself. No. 1 son never whinges about going to work, he seems to prefer it to home. He'll even go sick! No.3 son always says "Do I have to go?",and No.2 is usually asleep.
 So after a power walk (ha) with Penny-dog through the mud this morning, I arrive home to find No.2 son still in bed fast asleep with 7 minutes to be dressed and at school. He usually gets himself off to school.
So when they've all left, lucky me, I get to clean-up the carnage from the weekend. This room happens to be one of the first you see after walking in the door, so I like to keep it fairly tidy. This morning it was beyond help, I thought at least I should make the bed.

However over the last week every piece of lego we own has snuck out of the wardrobe and set up camp in the most inconvenient spot, namely the path from the door to the window. Which makes for perilous midnight maraudings. The pile of winter clothes pulled out  last weekend for try-ons is still where it landed with the recipient avoiding Mum at all costs.

The pile of lego boxes, nerf etc.. that was balancing on top of the lego crates inside the wardrobe has tasted freedom and is heading under the bed . 

 After pulling back the curtains and discovering this mud wasp nest, the domestic-goddess crown tilted slightly.

 It went crashing to the floor after further inspection revealed this !!!!!!
After town getting flooded three times this year alone, there seems to be no shortage of mud.

I think this was the point of this post? This old crappy bookcase I bought after leaving home, a make do piece I didn't think we would still have. But the darn thing is made of solid wood and refuses to die. As with all the odd bits of furniture, they end up in this room. So I gave it a few coats of paint thinking it might look a little less U.G.L.Y.

 Considering we never buy happy meals  we have more than our fair share of the trappings.
Does anyone else's child collect rocks?, I've managed to remove all but the boulder and jar of dirt because "There might be gold in there Mum!".

 Alas, the Legoman couldn't be saved. He was suffocated by those rotten Dust Bunnies.
 Poor Indy.

 I'm afraid the after pic doesn't look much better. Keeping an eye out for those lined white baskets to replace the blue plastic ones.

 Managed to cull the childcraft books back to the MIL's house because no one looked at the in the two years they were on the top shelf.

Can't dust this shelf because it's where no.3 son keeps his four-leaf clovers. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

The recent additions to the golden books, can't get them from the usual oppy anymore, the price has gone from 50c to $4.50, now that's inflation!

 No.3 son came home from Book Week with no books, but a few more novelty erasers to add to the pile, a dog, camera, dinosaur fossil and an ipod of course.

Last but certainly not least, thankyou to Tamara from A TREASURED PAST  for the offer of a blog award. It's very thoughtful of you and I appreciate you thinking of me out of all those wonderful blogs. I don't feel comfortable with award thingies, though if there was a "MIA for Three Weeks" award or a "Random Posts Not About Renovating" award, they might be suitable. I don't do the link things or the twitter or facebook or embed things and don't get me started on the edit HTML - what the...! 
The timing was rather strange as I had been thinking about deleting my 84 posts and disappearing, time for blogging is a challenge as sometimes it takes 1/2 an hour just to load the photos, which means I've lost the train of thought by then and usually forget something I meant to add. Like the last post when I forgot to mention the size of the flowers on that vine have a diameter of 4-5 cms which makes them too large to be a potato vine (thanks Kylie, I thought it was that too) more like a jasmine pandorea.
 Anyway, I'm not going to think about it and just go with the flow whatever that is.
Have a good great Monday!
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