Thursday, January 17, 2013

Saving old floorboards - part 4 ,all in the details...

Last post on these floorboards, I promise. I'm sure you are as sick of posts about floorboards as I am, I didn't think it would take this many posts.

Two days sanding and preparing, two undercoats, one coat of white gloss, blue checks, small green checks and two coats of clear gloss to protect it all and we're DONE! 
It took us 10 days, plus a day and a half rest in between the small green checks (definitely getting to old for this...) and 72+ hours for the floor to harden up.
We spent approximately $240 with leftovers, including 1/3 a can of clear coat and a whole tin of green. If we had bought a sample pot (only available in matt) of green we could have saved $23. We wanted gloss paint for all the colours to make sure the overall finish was the same. Just trying to minimise the whole experimentation factor where possible.

This probably was the best part, easy painting and peeling as I liked, could stop at any time.

We decided on a six cm square for our accents and cut a cereal box template. Then it was just a matter of lining up the marks on the square and tracing around. We chose a diagonal not straight position.

 Taping to the slight outside of the lines and feathering brush strokes inwards and recycling as much tape as possible.

 Gave up the idea of a few free hand doodles here and there, probably overkill and we just wanted it finished as soon as possible. Made a lovely tape sculpture though. Christmas tree?

That false elation when you think you have finished and realise  you forgot a square.

 This is one of those original features we decided to keep when painting this room way back. Two quirky and a little bit daggy curtain rod holders, probably handmade by a former owner many years ago. Back in the days before laser-cut everything. The nails about are for the Christmas decorating, if you were wondering.

 Two coats of polyurethane mopped on. We left each coat to dry overnight, even though the product allowed re-coating after 3 hours.

First time we have used this product on floors.  Hope it does have high durability and resist scratches well. We have used polyurethane (oil based) on our kitchen benchtops which are due for a redo with the kitchen, we have used polyurethane (oil based with the hardener) for the kitchen benchtops in the Reno cottage and  we usually use tung oil based  estapol for all the other floors.  After two coats of this water based CFP the floors are only slightly glossier than the tung oil floors in the rest of the house.
This product is supposed to be non-yellowing, which we thought would be the best thing for a white based pattern, we also liked the fast drying time and how there was no noticeable smell. The water based is quite a bit more expensive than the oil based.

Oil based vs water based, cost wise.

 The tape we used was expensive at around $10 a roll (3 rolls), you could probably get it cheaper if you shopped around. But as it is resposible for the whole look, it's not worth skimping on. We were really happy with the edges at doorways. Did consider a doorway border in green. I did get a few fuzzy edges here and there with the green squares, because I forgot to run my fingernail along the edges of the tape stencil just before painting.

 Going to take a little getting used to, really need to stop walking in certain squares (you know-step on a crack, break your mumma's back) For a floor we were trying to disguise, your eyes are certainly drawn to it now. I imagine it's not everyone's cup of tea, but we are pretty happy with how it turned out, scrubbed up well for a very old battered floor, lots more reflected light bouncing around...

 Feels clean, bright and not too serious.  And the aim is - to paint a floor just big enough so that you never want to do it again, or at least until the memories of aching ankles and knees fade.

The verdict from the kids  - No 1 son said "Why white, what was wrong with the brown?"
No 2 son said "Liked it better before the green things"
No 3 son said " Can I walk on the floor yet?"
No 1 and only daughter said "That is so disgusting, why did you paint the floors?"

When are they all leaving home?
 Here's a few of the creative floors from the endless inspirations of pinterest.

My favourites                               Tumblr                                  Alisaburke.blogspot
              Love her fun art.                                  unknown                                  Beautiful blog                                     
The pic that started all the mischief.
source: sofies nytt och gammalt. blog



  1. I thought it was fantastic before the little green diamonds Simmone, love it even more now. Well done on a brilliant job (don't listen to your daughter - mine think everything I do, wear etc is disgusting!) Can I just ask, is this the house you live in, or is it your reno cottage? I'd love to see the room with furniture in situ.
    Try and take it easy this weekend you guys x

  2. While we are gallivanting away and slacking off, you guys are still powering. That floor looks fabulous! xx

  3. Wow this looks incredible, hats off to you both for plugging away on the school holidays no less. And kids are brutal with the commentary aren't they? At least with four you would just presume there will always be someone unhappy no matter what you do, how liberating. mel x

  4. Hi Simmone, you've both done a brilliant job painting this floor. I love the colours you've chosen and the pattern. Very inspiring! Don't take a moment's notice of those kids of yours..they obviously don't know genius when they see it! Hehe!

  5. My goodness, that looks incredible, the light streams in bouncing of the lighter floor must make you smile. Kids blah! What do they know.

  6. Goodness me it looks absolutely terrific - good for you putting all that work and it has all paid off. I remember painting a 'rug' on one of our floors once and I must have painted over it another I will have to paint it back again!!!
    Really lovely and lovely colours too
    Best wishes


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