My favourite kind of blog posts.
 Those often rambling posts that don't always stick to any one topic (or train of thought), a mixed batch of renovating, home, garden, family or whatever takes my fancy at the time kind of posts.
 The sort of random posts I love reading out there in Blogland.

Open garden
Once upon a time
Vintage Vanguard
Stairs,tearing tin and desk fix
Creating a hideaway
Wicker and flowers
$1.50 coathangers
The Monkees
Cushions, furniture fix
Novelty erasers
Goodbye curbside cleanup
Pretties and painting
Doorstop and magazines
Last day of autumn
Dough decorations
'Tis the season..
Pixlr-o-matic photo effects
Super ugly sideboard
Taking a sickie
Kid kitsch
Flood photos
Feeling a bit like an orphan
We've been
Oppy finds and camera fix
The culprits
Back on line
The electrocuted rat

If that was the holidays..

Table makeover
Spring flowers 
To plant a garden...

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